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Your a Noob if’s of Minecraft PART 3!

Well, I think this is fitting to add, so I have, and these are true. Just laugh if you did them at some point

Your a noob if:

  • You had the default skin.
  • You’ve tried to eat wheat.
  • You tried to plant seeds on non farmland ground.
  • You thought that you had found diamonds, when it was actually Lapis Lazuli.
  • You tried to make tools out of dirt.
  • You tried to heat a furnace with dirt.
  • You tried to find diamonds above level 15.
  • You tried to install a mod without winrar or turning your .jar to a .jar.zip.
  • You thought you could tame mobs.

PART 4 Coming Soon…


About Jaron Something

I am an aspired Yu-Gi-Oh collector, and want to make it fun for people to learn about Yu-Gi-Oh and have a blast while doing it. I also love minecraft to the bone, and enjoy playing it and crafting. I also love guitar skateboarding, snowboarding, and when ever i get to an ocean state, surfing.


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