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Sorry I haven’t updated the site in a while, its because we were working on season one of the They Might Be Diam0nds project! The first episode is live here!!!!! More Episodes to be released. Advertisements

Minecraft 1.3 Leaked Info!

Okay, i am so freaking excited!!!! With the new 1.3 leaked info, it sounds like it will be one of the best updates ever! With it, here are some of the best things: A new ore!!!!! Emerald ore, which will be in between the strength of iron and diamond. You will be able to TRADE with NPC’s! … Continue reading

How to Install a Mod

As it has been very tough for many, I will show how to install a mod, so read up Search for %Appdata% on windows, or go to library/application support on Mac Go to your .minecraft on windows, or go to your minecraft folder on Mac Go to your bin, and then your minecraft.jar If you … Continue reading