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Minecraft 1.3 Leaked Info!

Okay, i am so freaking excited!!!! With the new 1.3 leaked info, it sounds like it will be one of the best updates ever! With it, here are some of the best things:

  • A new ore!!!!! Emerald ore, which will be in between the strength of iron and diamond.
  • You will be able to TRADE with NPC’s!
  • A large biomes world type, so that your biome never ends.
  • Backpack inventory, with deletion!
  • Now you get specific names on wood, so it can say Oak wood, instead of all under one generic name, wood.
  • Bonus chests with a few items when you start a new world!
  • Cocoa beans now grow on the sides of jungle treas, and have a new texture.
  • AND THE BEST…. New ender chests. By crafting a few of them, you can take one with you, and any items you put in one are in all the others! Now that’s awesome.

All in all, i think this will be one of the best updates in minecraft history. For even more info, go to http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features


About Jaron Something

I am an aspired Yu-Gi-Oh collector, and want to make it fun for people to learn about Yu-Gi-Oh and have a blast while doing it. I also love minecraft to the bone, and enjoy playing it and crafting. I also love guitar skateboarding, snowboarding, and when ever i get to an ocean state, surfing.


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